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Monday, January 9, 2017

"Operation Flying Carpet"

Above, Sierra atop the dinette seating section that still needs a cover. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

While on my three-week trip to Metropolis, Illinois and back, I had with me my cat Sierra. With the exception of clawing the dinette seats, she does pretty good as a traveling cat. To me, it is cruel to declaw a cat, so the next best thing is to get something to protect the dinette seats.

After traversing Wolf Creek Pass, I stopped at the Wolf Creek Gift Shop-Junction Restaurant in Pagosa Springs, Colorado for a snack and some coffee.

After eating, I wandered over to the Wolf Creek Gift Shop and browsed around. While there, I found two small woven wool Navajo style blankets (they're probably better described as mats) that would come in handy as covers for the top backrest portions of two dinette seats. The prices were right, both were under $30 each, so I bought them (photos below). They also add some color to the inside of The Beast.

All I need to get is one for the longest seating section of the dinette. What I need is something about 2' wide x 3' long. I think I found one online for under $30. Unfortunately, I didn't find exactly what I wanted while on the trip. I am going to look around online some more before making a purchase. So, this "quest" is "Operation Flying Carpet".

I am thinking of getting some seat covers for the dinette seats themselves as Sierra has been clawing those as well. 

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