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Friday, January 13, 2017

TSA Confiscated Record Number of Guns In 2016

I have not packed a firearm in my check-in luggage since the 1980s. Those were the days where a traveler can lock their suitcase before entering the airport and check it in without having it opened and inspected.

My main concern these days are that not all TSA agents are honest. There have been reports of thefts by TSA agents of valuables taken from baggage, including guns.

Still, some dumb clucks are still packing guns into their carry-on baggage and the TSA had confiscated a record number of them in 2016. 83% of them were loaded.

According to Condé Nast Traveler:
In 2016, TSA officers had far more to deal with than just four-ounce bottles of shampoo. According to a Year in Review report from the government agency, officers discovered a record number of firearms last year at airport security checkpoints. 
The TSA prohibits packing a gun—loaded or not—in a carry-on, but whether out of absent-mindedness, ignorance, or disregard of the laws, it doesn’t seem to have stopped people from trying. In all, 3,391 guns were confiscated from passengers’ carry-on bags in U.S. airports in 2016 (that’s an average of nine a day) and a full 83 percent of the firearms were loaded. Firearm discoveries have been steadily rising over the years: The number of gun seizures this year is 28 percent higher than in 2015 and 313 percent higher than ten years ago.
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