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Monday, January 30, 2017

Tsukiji Outer Market To Remain

Above, a kitchenware vendor at the Tsukiji outer market. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The historic Tsukiji Fish Market may be moving (when, is anyone's guess), but the outer market, where the shops and restaurants are located, is remaining.

According to the Japan Times:
Although the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tsukiji’s fish merchants are wrangling over the planned transfer of the site in Chuo Ward to the Toyosu district in Koto Ward a few kilometers southeast, there is still a portion of the world-famous market that will remain vibrant and unchanged. 
The Tsukiji outer market area, known as Tsukiji Jogai Shijo, is located next to the inner market (Jonai Shijo), an area strictly for licensed wholesalers, whose move to Toyosu has proved contentious due to soil contamination at the new site. 
The outer market, however, is accessible to everyone, and is always crowded with tourists. The 460 shops, selling everything from fresh tuna sashimi and dried fish to kitchenware, will not move to Toyosu.
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