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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Which Is Better? Shinjuku or Shibuya?

Above, Shinjuku has one thing Shibuya doesn't have: Godzilla! Photo by Armand Vaquer.

City-Cost.com has posed the question: Which is better? Shinjuku or Shibuya?

They compared the two areas in a number of categories, such as green spaces, shopping, electronics, nightlife, street vibes and others.

They start their article with:
Arguably the two boldest and brashest of Tokyo’s ‘big’ station areas (which would include Tokyo, Ueno, and Ikebukuro) Shinjuku and Shibuya are both rich beyond avarice when it comes to laying on entertainment, setting tables and chairs for gluttony, and facilitating one’s desire to consume. Both can be boomingly chaotic, and both can be big fun for those in the right frame of mind.

So,  Shinjuku or Shibuya?  Which is better?  In fact, why even compare the two?
Well, for the fun of it. To engage in a bit of healthy discourse. To settle any internal debate as to where one might spend some time over the weekend, and perhaps even to lend a hand to potential Tokyo expats who might have a choice of residence between the two.

To see what they have to say, go here

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