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Saturday, February 18, 2017

10 Must-Haves for the Brand New RVer

Above, The Beast at the dry campground behind the Gen. Patton Museum at Chiriaco Summit. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The latest edition of Winnebago Industries WinnebaGoLife showed up in my new email box and it contains several links to different stories at Winnebago's blog.

One is "GoGear: 10 Must-Haves for the Brand New RVer". I have about nine of them.

They begin their article with:
So, you bought a new RV! Fantastic!  Now what… 
At least that’s what we asked ourselves once we made our first big RV purchase. Between reading all the manuals and trying to learn the systems, purchasing a new rig can get overwhelming…we remember the excitement AND the sleepless nights very well. One thing we quickly learned is that the RV itself wasn’t to be our last purchase before hitting the road. There were a few things we needed to make our RVing experience run smoothly and efficiently.  To save you some of the hassle of figuring it out yourselves, we put together this list. Here are 10 things you’ll want to pick up right away!

To read more, go here

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