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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Busy Day

Above, The Beast at Yosemite National Park last year. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Whew! I am finally at home relaxing after taking my former roomie Jes and her mom out grocery shopping and then to Jes's doctor appointment.

This all came about as Jes's dad is on vacation out-of-state for two weeks and I agreed to help out in his absence. Jes's mom doesn't have a car here.

I had to drive The Beast today as the Mustang is in the shop having repairs done so it would pass the bi-annual smog check tests. It didn't pass the test when I brought it in yesterday.

It was probably a good thing I drove The Beast anyway since Jes and her mom bought a lot of groceries (from three different stores) and The Beast has a lot of room. Luckily, the stores were all in the same general area of Northridge/Winnetka.

Following the shopping spree, I took Jes and her mom to Jes's doctor appointment. I waited out in The Beast and just relaxed.

But, despite that, I am still tuckered out. I will probably go to bed early.

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