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Saturday, February 18, 2017

It Goes On...

Above, from Hot Bench. 

It was hoped that everything pertaining to my ex would be over and done with by now. It appears that this is not the case as there is one annoyance that has yet to be fully resolved.

DOJ = California Department of Justice - Bureau of Firearms
AFS = Automated Firearms System
LEGR = Law Enforcement Gun Release

Rather than re-write everything, here is what I posted at a gun owners' forum today:
Last summer, a vindictive ex-girlfriend filed for a temporary restraining order on me. Part of the order was to surrender my firearms to law enforcement. At the hearing, she dismissed the matter as I had ample proof that I was not bothering her. 
I had to file a Law Enforcement Gun Release Application with the DOJ and pay fees. After a long wait, I got the letters clearing me to retrieve my guns. I got all except for my Ruger 10-22 rifle that I bought in the early 1980s. The letter said that the AFS had "no record" of this firearm and was advised by the Los Angeles Police that I have to register it.  
I then sent the registration form and check for the fee back on December 9, 2016 (the check was cashed). I had to also re-file another Law Enforcement Gun Release Application and pay another fee.  
I just got the DOJ letter (dated February 13) again stating that AFS has "no record" of the firearm. This is two months after I filed to have it registered. I have 30 days from February 13 to get the gun under this letter (provided that it is registered in this period). This is ridiculous. If the gun is not put into the AFS system in time, I have to pay another fee with the DOJ with another LEGR application. 
I just sent the DOJ an email complaining about this. 
Does anyone have any recommendations on this? Do I have any recourse? Thanks.
Even though I initiated no contact with her, she nevertheless tried to set me up on some sort of stalking charge by filing the temporary restraining order. I had to get an attorney (as my gun rights were in jeopardy) and had months of text messages printed and brought to court proving that I was not the one doing the stalking. It was quite the opposite (also through her "flying monkeys"). This is a textbook case of a narcissistic smear campaign. (Oy vey! If I only knew then what I know now!)

I guess I'll have to keep on the DOJ's case so that the rifle gets timely registered. If I have to file another LEGR and pay a fee, it will be the third go-around. Jeez.


UPDATE (2/19/17): I received two responses to my forum query. They are:
It takes CA DOJ anywhere from 2-64 weeks to process a voluntary firearm registration.
(average time seems to be within 3-4 months)
The time period starts when they cash in your check.
When they finish processing your submission, they will mail you back acknowledgment.
You should submit the LEGR after they cash your check or when you receive the CA DOJ letter.
The check was cashed January 3.
I went through a similar situation two years ago and completely feel your pain. I reached out to the PD Detective assigned to my case and simply explained the issues I was having. She put a call into DOJ and three days later I received the reg letter and was able to go pick up my rifle.  
Just make sure to be cool..process sucks and everyone knows it but the good news is you're on the home stretch. Good luck.
Since the LAPD detective and I have a good rapport, I'll ask her to see if there's anything she can do. She's already aware of the situation. (I'll have to remember to get her a box of See's Candies next Christmas.)


UPDATE (2/24/17):

Good news was received in the mail today. I received a letter from the DOJ stating that the rifle is now registered and I am authorized to retrieve it from the LAPD Property Division. 

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