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Friday, February 24, 2017

Platrix Clamp-Sites Announced

Above, The Beast at last year's Tehachapi Loop clamp-out. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

While paying my annual dues to Platrix Chapter No. 2, E Clampus Vitus, I noticed that the chapter finally posted where this year's clamp-outs will be held.

They are:
April 28-30 at The Loop Ranch in Tehachapi 
Oct. 6-8 (hopefully) at Lake Hemet

We were in Tehachapi last April for the Spring, 2016 clamp-trek. It is a nice area, so I am looking forward to returning. Lake Hemet ought to be nice in October.

I will probably hold a seminar for XSNGH Glenn "Cowpie Kicker" Thornhill on the differences between a RV's house door and a screen door handles. Other Platrix members and PBCs who are in similar need of such knowledge are welcome to attend. Remember what Emil Faber once said: "Knowledge is good!"

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