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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Butt-Hurt Media: You Reap What You Sow

Nobody (to my recollection) in the liberal mainstream media ever complained about Barack Obama's shutting out of Fox News at his press conferences during his eight years.

Now, a new sheriff is in town and he is not about to reward fake news outlets of MSNBC, CNN and others. Now President Trump is shutting them out during his press conferences.

And they don't like it one bit.

According to Grabien News:
Members of the mainstream media were left fuming this afternoon after President Trump refused to call on any of their organizations for the third straight press conference. 
Yet many of these same news organizations have likened Trump to the Taliban and Adolf Hitler, floated false rumors about his use of a Russian prostitute, and accused his administration of being pro-slavery.  
After Trump avoided calling on MSNBC during today's presser with Benjamin Netanyahu, MSNBC’s Peter Alexander complained that the conservative journalists he did call on didn’t ask “real questions” like he would have.  
“What was striking," Alexander said, was that "President Trump, again, called on a series of more conservative leaning news organizations which didn’t allow for any real questions, trying to zero in on this issue of Mike Flynn, the now former national security advisor." 
We can't speak for Trump, but one reason he may not be in a rush to give MSNBC more airtime is that they seem intent on using it to liken him to Adolf Hitler. 
On Trump's Inauguration Day, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow likened Trump's election to "Hitler's rise." Her colleague Chris Matthews described Trump's inaugural address as "Hitlerian." Matthews also mocked Trump's family, likening them to the Russian imperial family, the Romanovs. He's so fond of this metaphor he now uses it all the time. 
CNN reporters were likewise angry at not being called on during today's Trump presser.
Tough shit! Well, unless they start reporting the news in a responsible journalistic fashion, they can expect to remain sidelined.

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