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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Vehicle Registrations Done

Above, the Mustang and The Beast. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Yesterday, the Mustang finally passed it's bi-annual smog check so it could be registered in The People's Republic of California.

Why "finally"? Well, it took three testings and almost $600 in repairs to get it to pass muster with the smog check gizmo. I anticipated that it may have a rougher time than usual, so I had some extra cash put aside just in case. Although it has left me cash short in my checking account, this is only a temporary inconvenience (maybe about 3 days). I can't really complain as the Mustang has been running good for the past year and it never had to go into the shop, except for an oil change.

So now both The Beast and the Mustang are all up-to-date with their registrations until this time next year.

While I was at the Automobile Club of Southern California office yesterday to pick up the registration and tags (already paid for), I grabbed some tour books for Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Oregon to plan out my trek this summer to see the total eclipse. The eclipse can be viewed in any of those states. My bank investment counselor wants to come along on the trip, depending how long the total trek will take. 

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