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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bob Shayne Is The King!

Above, Stephanie Shayne shows her dad's cane at the Superman plaque dedication in 2014. Photo by Steve Kirk.

Since we're now in March, it is fitting that the month's first blog post should be a Stephanie Shayne post, since it is her birthday month in ten days.

Stephanie Shayne has posted the second video of home movies on YouTube as "Shayne Movie 4".

In this one, Bob Shayne trades in his police inspector's hat for a crown (Holy Imperial Margarine!) and rules his back yard.

From Stephanie:
Christmas party 1966, Stephanie goes to the prom 1968, graduation from Cleveland High and Robert Shayne is the King of the Backyard!
Although much of this footage was taken about ten years after the final season of the Adventures of Superman, Bob Shayne looked as though he could step right back in the role of Inspector Henderson. Although the video is posted below, here's the YouTube link so you can go there and give it a thumb's up.

I wonder if any of Stephanie's classmates were stunned seeing Inspector Henderson running around with a movie camera?


Stephanie Shayne said...

Nice post, Armand. Thanks! <3 - Stephanie

Armand Vaquer said...

You're welcome, Stephanie! I enjoyed seeing it. Your high school graduation footage reminded me of my graduation. Looks like we both had a huge graduating class. - A.

Stephanie Shayne said...

Baby boomer sized graduating classes. They were HUGE! - Steph

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