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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Campland On The Bay Gets Lease Extension

Above, Campland On The Bay in February 2016. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Last year, we went down to San Diego to take care of a federal recall on The Beast's house door locking mechanism at La Mesa RV. 

We arrived the night before and stayed the night at Campland On The Bay next to Mission Bay. I was disappointed in the RV park as it was basically an asphalt parking lot with hook-ups and a picnic table. Plus, it was over $100 for the night. I first heard about Campland about 25 years ago and this was our first stay. Although disappointing, it served its purpose.

Above, The Beast at Campland On The Bay. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Following getting the recall work done at La Mesa RV (it was done before we even finished breakfast), we spent the rest of the day at SeaWorld.

This morning, I learned that Campland On The Bay would be closing as the city plans to convert the land into marshland.

However, Campland's lease has been temporarily extended for three years.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune:
San Diego officials plan to allow Campland on the Bay to continue operating for at least three more years before the popular 45-acre recreational vehicle campsite is converted into marshland. 
The city’s Real Estate Assets Department recently announced it has begun negotiations with Campland on a short extension of the company’s lease, which expires Nov. 7. 
The fate of Campland has been in doubt since the city settled in 2015 a long-running lawsuit with residents of the adjacent De Anza Cove mobile home park. 
The settlement allowed the city to evict the residents and launch a comprehensive effort to redevelop the northeast corner of Mission Bay Park, which includes the mobile home park, Campland and Mission Bay golf course. 
While the city still plans to restore the site of Campland to marshland, as required by the Mission Bay Park Master Plan, the RV park can stay open while officials and community leaders continue to explore how to redevelop the area. 
Every proposal unveiled so far calls for including a park for RV camping within the new, 120-acre waterfront development.
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