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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Donald Trump Inauguration Invitation

A large envelope showed up in yesterday's mail. It was from The Presidential Inauguration Committee. The accompanying items are actual scans on what was inside.

When I opened it, I found an invitation to Donald Trump's and Mike Pence's January 20 inauguration. I thought, "this is a little late" but I knew that it was a commemorative copy of the inauguration. I have received these before from other GOP presidential inaugurations (I have also received REAL inauguration invitations, such as Ronald Reagan's two inaugurations since I was on the two California delegations). I have received commemorative or real inauguration invitations for Republican presidents since Richard Nixon's 1973 inauguration.

These are sent out to "ordinary" folks who either worked in the campaign or made contributions. These are "thank-yous" for supporting the campaign. When actual invitations are sent out, usually in mid-December, besides the invitation (as shown at top), there are ticket order forms included for tickets to the inaugural gala, balls and other events.

They are nice keepsakes and, as my mom pointed out, can be family heirlooms.

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