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Sunday, March 12, 2017

"Kong: Skull Island" Today

Thus far, everyone who I know who has screened Kong: Skull Island are raving about it. I have not seen a negative word about it.

I will be seeing it with my ex-roomie Jessica in a few hours. She treated me to dinner yesterday and a television monitor near our table ran the trailer. I told her I was planning on seeing it today and asked if she wanted to come along. Without hesitation, she said, "Yes!"

After dinner, we headed to the theater and I bought our tickets.

I mentioned that Kong will be facing Godzilla in an upcoming movie. She asked, "Didn't they already make a Kong versus Godzilla movie?" I told her yes, back in 1962, but this will be a new one and many are looking at it as sort of a rematch.

I watched the 1933 and 2005 versions of King Kong this past week to get further into the mood. I've been told stay for the after-credit sequence.

I am looking forward to Skull Island

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