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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

That's A Wrap!

Finally, after seven months, the arsenal is now completely back where it belongs.

This morning, I went to the Van Nuys Division of the Los Angeles Police Department to pick up my Ruger 10/22 rifle from the property department, where they were holding it for me. The whole process seemed like it would never end.

All this baloney started last August when my ex-fiancee tried to set me up on some sort of false stalking charge that culminated in a application for a temporary restraining order. I was served the order by one of her flying monkeys. This was a bizarre state of affairs since I was the one who ended things, including the imposition of no contact.

Above, on Hot Bench.
I first suspected that I was being set up when she sent me a text message while I was camping in Ventura Beach with my former roomie Jessica in early July. Included in her message, she said, "Please stop contacting me via text or email." At that point, I hadn't been texting her for weeks due to my imposition of no contact and the only time I emailed her was to send a demand letter, which the courts require before bringing forth a lawsuit. She knew a lawsuit would be forthcoming, so it should not have been any surprise. (The lawsuit was heard on Hot Bench in September.) Her text message caused my "spidey sense" to start tingling. Why would she say that when I hadn't been in any contact with her? Hmm. In the weeks that followed, her accusations began to snowball. That's why I ratcheted up the rhetoric on this blog to leave an electronic "paper trail" during those weeks.

The last round of text messages occurred about 2 weeks after our Hot Bench appearance in September. They began very rough, but ended (surprisingly) on a more cordial note. Finally, cooler heads prevailed from both sides. We haven't bothered each other since.

Getting back to the gun matter, part of the temporary restraining order was that I had to turn in all my firearms to either law enforcement or to a licensed gun dealer. This I did. Afterwards, she had the temporary restraining order dismissed as my attorney and I had ample evidence refuting her charges. But, in the months that followed, I had to deal with the California Department of Justice to get authorization to get my firearms back. This was a long and tedious process. Today, all I had to do was to go to Van Nuys with my i.d. and the DOJ authorization and they gave me the rifle. Finally, the last firearm has been returned to me and the matter is now closed.

I have to say that the officers with the LAPD in the West Valley and Van Nuys Divisions were pleasant and professional to work with during this process.

As they say during the end of a movie production, "That's a wrap!"

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