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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tracing The Roots of the RV Lifestyle

Above, a teardrop trailer my grandfather built in Oregon in 1940.

Ever wondered how travel in trailers and motorhomes came about? How did the "RV lifestyle" begin?

VVDailypress.com (the Daily Press out of Victorville, CA) has an article on "Tracing The Roots of the RV Lifestyle".

It begins with:
The RV lifestyle goes way back. Possibly, the RV way to travel was as much a necessity back then. Drawn by horses, caravans carried some of my ancestors from Bohemia on long journeys before departing for North America on sailing ships. The journey was much more pleasant, having a few comforts along the way. 
With so many seeking a new life in America, many craftspeople from other countries shared their skills with others. As best as Lori and Russ could see, the first actual practical travel trailer was built in 1880 by Bristol Wagon and Carriage Works. It basically looked like an 18-foot miniature cabin on wheels.

Traveling in this fashion was called "Caravanning." With the advent of automotive power, Caravans started gaining popularity in the United States during the 1920's. A new nickname came about for these travel trailer campers. They were called "Tin can tourists." These had few amenities yet there was no more need to ever set up a heavy canvas tent ever again.
To read more, go here.

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