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Sunday, April 9, 2017

100 Things To Do At Bryce Canyon

Above, Bryce Canyon National Park. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

If anyone thinks that there's not much to do at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah or at any other national park, guess again.

There's plenty of things to do at Bryce Canyon and Utah.com has listed 100 of them.

They begin with:
Like a fine wine or Ziggy Stardust, Bryce Canyon only gets better with age. Bryce’s unlikely amphitheatres took 60 million years to make but us measly humans only just stumbled upon them. Reuben “Ruby” Syrett thought that a terrific waste, so he built a lodge and some cabins in 1916, which he named Ruby's Inn, to help the world’s un-Bryced population make up for lost time. It's pretty darn easy to create your own family traditions when you take the entire crew to Bryce Canyon National Park. Boredom just isn’t an option. You’ll have something to do day and night, year after year and for generations as your family adds layers like so much Jurassic red rock. Maybe your great grandkids will ride hoverboards through Bryce.

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