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Monday, April 24, 2017

Elvis's Memphis First Look and Graceland

Above, Graceland. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

A couple, who call themselves "The Happy Wanderers", visited the new Elvis Presley's Memphis Museum that recently opened.

It was not yet opened when I visited Graceland last November (I actually don't remember seeing it).

Judging by the shuttle ride to Graceland, it appears the new museum complex is a bit down Elvis Presley Blvd. from Graceland. The tour shuttles appear to originate and end at this new complex, instead of directly across the street from Graceland (as was the case in November).

The Happy Wanderers were not too impressed with the new museum (well, maybe some of it) since, to them, the museum was disorganized and incomplete, yet charged the full admission price of $60. I would probably be a little annoyed being charged full price for an incomplete museum too.

They said:
We toured the new attraction, Elvis Presley's Memphis which sits across from Elvis' Graceland home. While we were there, I was told to put the GoPro away for have it taken away. I was able to capture most of the new museum, which is FAR from complete, by the way. This new place is not done, doesn't have their act together, is very unorganized but still charges about $60 per person to tour this unfinished attraction. We still love Elvis and Graceland but the new experience was a real bad experience. We had been here twice before and it USED to be an awesome place to visit! They really screwed this place up when they made it so big and changed it so much. It used to feel intimate but now feels corporate and nobody here knows what's going on.
They stayed across Graceland at the Graceland RV Park, where I also stayed last November. Some great views of the campground come at the end of the video from a drone.

Here's their video:

If I remember correctly, much of the exhibits that are/were in what was the racquetball court building at Graceland have been or will be moved to this new museum complex and the racquetball court will be restored to what it looked like when Elvis used it.

Anyway, the above video is a first look at the new museum.

UPDATE (4/25/17):

Actually, the admission price of $57.50 gets the visitor the following:
  • Graceland Mansion Audio-Guided Tour with New Orientation Film
  • NEW - Full Access to all-new Elvis Presley’s Memphis Entertainment Complex, which includes:
  • Self-guided tour of Presley Motors Automobile Museum
  • Self-guided tour of Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum
  • Self-guided tours of Elvis Discovery Exhibits
This isn't as bad as The Happy Wanderers indicated. For $5.00 more, visitors can also tour Elvis' two airplanes. 

For more on pricing, go here.

The website stated:
While the acclaimed Graceland Mansion tour will continue to present the personal and family side of Elvis’ life, -- including Elvis’ racquetball court now fully restored so that it once again looks exactly as it did when Elvis was last in the Racquetball Building -- “Elvis Presley’s Memphis” will tell the rest of the story, exploring the beginning of the incredible music and pop culture explosion that all started here in Memphis, with the greatest entertainer of all time. 

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