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Saturday, April 8, 2017

News From Graceland

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'Kid Galahad' on the Starring Elvis Presley Podcast
We're watching all of Elvis' movies in order and podcasting about each movie with our new Starring Elvis Presley podcast. This week's movie is "Kid Galahad." Learn about how Elvis prepared for his role as a boxer, how this version compares to the 1937 original, get to know Elvis' co-stars and much more.
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Go Behind the Scenes of "Follow That Dream" on Graceland Blog
Elvis' light-hearted musical "Follow That Dream" was released 55 years ago this spring! Learn more about Elvis' co-stars, how illegal gambling equpiment was used in the movie and much more on the Graceland Blog.
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See Joe Walsh in Memphis
Don’t miss the chance to see Joe Walsh at The Guest House at Graceland in Memphis on May 6-8! The Runaway Tours trip includes two nights’ hotel accommodations, private acoustic storytellers performance, photo-op and Q&A, tour of Graceland & more. Packages are extremely limited so book yours today.
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Kesha Visits Graceland
Last week, pop star Kesha and her tour crew visited Elvis Presley's Graceland - proving you never know who you'll see here! Check out our list of celebrity visitors on Graceland.com.
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