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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

“RV Must Haves”

Above, outdoor chairs and rug are what I would call "must haves". Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Do It Yourself RV has compiled a list of stuff that travelers "must have" while traveling in their RV.

The list they posted was compiled from a number of sources.

Before getting into the list of "RV Must Have", they wrote:
Regardless of the type of RVing or camping you enjoy, everyone has something that they simply will not camp without. These “RV Must Haves” take the form of tools, kitchen items, leveling blocks, chairs, coolers and countless other items. 
We hear about so many great RV must haves. Talking about the best products for RVing is something that RV owners find enjoyable to share with each other. 
So, over the past few months, we’ve been keeping notes on the most common RV must haves we came across. We also connected with RVers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+  to see what they thought were the best RV must haves. The responses were nothing short of amazing. Thanks to all of the helpful folks who offered their advice.

To see the list of "RV Must Haves", go here

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