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Friday, April 14, 2017

Seniors Should Buy Lifetime National Parks Passes Now

Above, the Grand Canyon. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

As I posted two days ago, the Senior Pass that grants free access to all national parks will be going up in price, most likely later this year.

There appears to be a "campaign" to get the word out to seniors over age 62 to buy them now before the price goes up. The latest is WBAL-TV in Baltimore, Maryland.

They wrote:
The US National Park Service is expected to raise the price of its Senior Pass, which grants seniors lifetime access to all of the nation's 417 parks. 
The pass is only available for citizens over the age of 62, and currently costs $10, plus an additional $10 processing fee if purchased online or through the mail. 
The federal agency will likely increase the price of the pass this year, from $10 to $80, according to AARP last December. 
“We don’t want anyone to feel blindsided and say, ‘Why didn’t anyone tell us about this,’” Kathy Kupper, a Park Service spokeswoman, told the magazine. “We don’t know whether we’ll get any pushback. It is still a great deal.”
To read more and for ordering information, go here

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