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Monday, May 22, 2017

Bomb Set Off At Ariana Grande Concert, 19 Killed

Above, Ariana Grande.

At least 19 people were killed and others injured when a suspected suicide bomber attacked an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

NBC News reported:
At least 19 people were killed and about 50 others were injured in a suspected suicide bombing Monday night after an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in England, authorities said. 
Greater Manchester Police said the incident was being treated as terrorism. A senior White House official told NBC News that President Donald Trump, who is on a visit to Jerusalem, had been briefed. 
Police said the explosion took place outside the arena, which is near the Manchester Victoria transit station, as the concert ended at about 10:35 p.m. local time (5:35 p.m. ET), catching people as they exited.

Grande was not injured.

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