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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Brown Calls California Taxpayers "Freeloaders"

Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown has proclaimed California taxpayers, who are already overtaxed and are against his massive tax increases, to be "freeloaders".

RedState.com reported:
If you live in California, have a job and pay taxes Governor Jerry Brown would like you to know that you’re  a freeloader and he’s tired of your complaining. 
In a speech in Orange County last week Brown responded to criticism over a new $52 billion tax hike that was hastily rammed through Sacramento by the Democrat supermajority over the objections of taxpayers across the state. 
Democrat Senator Josh Newman narrowly defeated Republican Ling Ling Chang in November to give the Democrats the crucial two-thirds majority needed to approve tax legislation in the state of California. After the vote a recall effort was immediately set in motion against Newman. 
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