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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

El Espía Que Me Amó

For the past several months, I have noticed that someone has a keen interest in my personal life and the appearance on Hot Bench last year. This person had been targeting both in his/her searches.

Since some strange things have happened in the past few months (that I won't go into), I thought it possible that this possible cyber-stalker and those strange occurrences may be related. I don't know if this person has any ulterior motives.

I did some checking and found where the stalking originated from and proceeded to contact that organization's Human Resources Department. I have redacted identifying information.

I wrote:
Dear Ms. XXXXXXX, Human Resources:

Someone using the computer system of XXXXX XXXXX has been stalking my blog. I have noticed this for the past several months. I have no idea who this person is. I checked your directory and no names listed are familiar to me. It could also be a temporary worker or an employee who is not listed in your directory.

Today, a person, presumably an employee, with access to your Internet system viewed four pages of my blog with a focus on my personal life and a matter that went before the television show Hot Bench. This same person has focused on the same topic(s) in the past few months.

Attached are snapshots showing the pages viewed, the map of the ISP location and details on your ISP involvement. 
If you wish to discuss this matter with me, my phone number is XXXXXXXXXX. I would appreciate it if you would look into this matter. Please let me know what you are able to find out.

Thank you.


Armand Vaquer
Today, I found that the organization took action and referred this matter to their IT Manager, who sent me the following:
Good Afternoon Armand, 
I have blocked access to your blog from out network for the majority of users, our XXXXX and upper management will still have full access.  I do not think they would be the ones looking, but we will find out…

This event would not be violating our use policies as we are a XXXXXX and a XXXXXX institution and this site would not fall under any violation policy per se.
I will work on it and see if I can come up with any more information.

If the problem still persists, please let me know.

As I pointed out to the IT Manager:

Thank you for your response. The issue is not the reading of my blog, per se. It is that someone, I presume within your organization, is spending much time looking at blog posts over the past several months that focuses on legal action(s) against my former fiancee, Denise Santos and myself that was ultimately settled on the television show, Hot Bench as well as other issues.

Some weird things have happened over the past few months and I don't know if they are related to this person's "reading habits" or not. If they are related, one can conclude that these taken in total could be considered cyber-stalking. I am not an expert on cyber-stalking, so I will leave it to your best judgment. If it is cyber-stalking, it is possible that either Ms. Santos or I (or both) could be the targets. You can appreciate that it makes for an uncomfortable feeling if someone is stalking you in this era of terrorism. Does this person have an ulterior motive? They search for specific things, 
Attached are some snapshots showing how these led me to your organization and the view of today and yesterday. If this is just someone's idle curiosity or something equally innocent, that is fine with me. But, in this age of terrorism, one cannot take any chances.
It was because of this matter I posted the Hot Bench "Rickroll" blog of last night as bait.  Sure enough, the "stalker" got "Rickrolled" and it seems to have caused an increased amount of views of my blog today.

The matter concluded today with this from me:
Thank you for your attention into this matter. It is much appreciated.

Again, many thanks!



Hopefully, that'll be the end of it.


  • It is well you put them on notice about potential cyberstalking.  
  • For someone to be searching for old references to the Hot Bench matters, is fruitless in that the blog pieces are taken down within a week or so of the original post.  I can't think of a legitimate reason for someone to repeatedly attempt to follow up on that topic, unless they are in some way related to a party, or a party themselves.  Any renewed interest in a subject that was intentionally closed by the parties at the time, tends to be viewed with an eye towards skepticism as to the validity of the reason for making that type of inquiry. 
  • Good for you....that IS scary! 
  • Stay on it, Armand. This is serious business.
UPDATE (5/17/17):

The cyberstalking Bozo is back at it again. Apparently the blacklisting from the organization didn't work. I have alerted them.

UPDATE (6/12/17:

Nothing further since May 17.

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