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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Flying Without Laptops?

It's a good thing that I don't fly between the U.S. and the Middle East or Europe. Even if I did, I've 
rarely used my laptop computer while flying anywhere.

The proposed ban on large electronic devices is causing some concern for some.

According to Japan Today:
New York-International air travelers might soon rediscover magazines, paperbacks and playing cards. 
Airline passengers have become hooked on their laptops and tablets to get work done or just kill time during long flights. But U.S. aviation-security officials appear determined to ban large electronic devices in the cabin of flights from Europe. 
Business travelers are worried about lost productivity, laptops in checked baggage being stolen or damaged, or even leaving the machine home if their employer won't let them check it on a plane. Parents are pondering how to keep children occupied. 
On Wednesday, U.S. and European Union officials exchanged information about threats to aviation, believed to include bombs hidden in laptop computers. Airline and travel groups are concerned about the possibility that a ban on laptops and tablet computers that currently applies to mostly Middle Eastern flights will be expanded to include U.S.-bound flights from Europe. 
The officials agreed to meet again next week.
Some airlines, like United Airlines, still do give out free decks of playing cards. I keep my deck of United Airlines playing cards (pictured above) in my RV.

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