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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Interview About Jack Larson

Above, Jack Larson speaks at the 2014 Superman plaque dedication in Tarzana, California. Photo by Steven Kirk.

Not too long after actor Jack Larson passed away in September 2015, Chris Brockow interviewed several fans, including me, about Jack. The interviews are posted at The Adventures Continue under "Honoring Jack Larson".

Here's my interview:

Chris: When did you first meet Jack?
Armand: I first met Jack when we held the "Superman Week" ceremony at the L.A. County Board of Supervisors on July 10, 2001 and the luncheon that followed.

Chris: What kind of person was he?
Armand: He seemed quiet to some extent, initially. That was my impression. But once you engage him in conversation, he was like the Energizer Bunny. A great story-teller. He was a very gracious and funny person. Humor came naturally to him.

Chris: How did he feel about being Jimmy Olsen?
Armand: He was proud of it. It took him a while to come to terms with it. But with the passing years and a longer perspective that comes with them, he embraced it. He'd do it again, he said.

Chris: Jack did so much more than Jimmy Olsen. In your opinion, what was the best thing he did?
Armand: That's hard to say. He was a superb writer and producer.

Chris: Jack hosted Superman marathons for 4 years on Thanksgiving Day. Why did he stop?
Armand: I caught two years of WOR's marathons and those were fun. He might have continued on had WOR kept them up. At least, that's my feeling about them.

Chris: How did he like being on Superboy?
Armand: He had fun doing that, so I'd say yes.

Chris: How did he like being on Lois and Clark?
Armand: Like the Superboy show, he had fun with it.

Chris: How did he like being in Superman Returns?
Armand: I don't think he liked the long flights to Australia, but he enjoyed doing it. I think he appreciated the nods to the Adventures of Superman while doing the movie and the television shows. He said he would always "carry the banner" for George Reeves.

Chris: Jack seemed to appreciate his fans, was he always like that?
Armand: During my time knowing him, he appreciated his fans very much. He was moved by the expressions of joy that his work brought to his fans.

Chris: Any personal memories you would like to share?
Armand: Nothing that would be considered personal, but here's a true story. During the planning of "Superman Week" in 2001, L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich's deputy had to get a hold of Jack for something and didn't have his contact information. I didn't have it to give it to him. So, on a whim, he checked the White Pages phone book and saw a listing for a Jack Larson in Brentwood. So he gave the phone number a call. A very familiar voice answered. The deputy said, "Well, from the sound of your voice I know that I found the right man!" Jack, even while elderly, still sounded distinctly like Jimmy Olsen.


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