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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Maxine Waters Meltdown

Above, an ad by L.A. street artist Sabo near her townhall meeting.

Rep. Maxine "Mad Maxine" Waters has always been a loon, but since the election of President Trump, she has become more unhinged.

She has a "safe" district in Los Angeles, but that isn't stopping constituents in the district from putting her feet to the fire.

She's been screaming for the impeachment of President Trump, although no crimes have been committed. But that's not stopping her.

Now, people have been calling for her impeachment. And, lampoon ads have been popping up in her district near where she held a townhall meeting calling for her impeachment. (Maybe she's better off remaining in Congress for our comic relief.)

The American Mirror posted:
Is all the impeachment talk boomeranging on Maxine Waters? 
A constituent filmed an encounter with the California Congresswoman on Monday and the two clashed before Waters declared that a member of Congress couldn’t be impeached.
A member of Congress can be impeached and removed from office.

Up to now, Waters has never felt the wrath of people for her lunacy. Now she's getting the taste of her own medicine.

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