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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

RV Parks: 10 Things That Ruin Stays

Above, The Beast at Crazy Horse Campground at Lake Havasu. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Ever been to a RV park and found some things that annoyed the heck out of you? I have, but thankfully those have been rare instances.

The one campground that I found was a mess was Crazy Horse Campground at Lake Havasu. It wasn't the campground owner's fault since there were plenty of trash cans around, but there were trash and cigarette butts all over the campsite when we arrived. I blame slob campers.

Do It Yourself RV has a list of ten things that could ruin a camper's stay.

It begins with:
Not every campground deserves a five-star rating on RV Park Reviews. Some are run-down, dirty, and not maintained very well. Others have a staff who aren’t friendly or welcoming at all. We don’t really ask for much as RVers, and we’re not always expecting a five-star resort with luxurious amenities. But these ten simple things can make all the difference.

To see what they are, go here

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