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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Strange Illness

The bout of bronchitis that I am getting over from has to rank as one of the strangest illnesses I've ever had.

It didn't start with a headcold or anything. It just started out of the blue. No sore throat or anything else appeared, just congestion and coughing. In other words, Boom! There it was!

I've had bronchitis once before (back around 1985), but that developed out of a nasty cold.

After enduring about two weeks of it, I finally got fed up and went to see a doctor. Since I have healthcare, I figured that I may as well make use of it. Up until then, the only times I entered a medical facility was for others, not for myself. The last time I went to see a doctor for myself was for a spider bite in 2005.

I went to see the doctor whose clinic I signed up with when I obtained the healthcare coverage. After checking me (including a chest x-ray), he found that I have bronchitis. It is my understanding that there's two kinds of bronchitis: viral and bacterial. I have the bacterial, according to my doctor. That would make treatment with antibiotics effective as they have no effect on viruses.

After a week of taking the antibiotics and other medications, the bronchitis has been knocked down tremendously. There's only an occasional cough and some minor congestion that is easily cleared. I think it should be completely gone in about a week. I am currently down to taking one medication a day. I started with three.

Also, with the exception of an occasional cigar, no more smoking for me.

My best advice is to not wait two weeks before seeing a doctor. If you have medical coverage, just go ahead and use it! My doctor visit and medications didn't cost me a cent!

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