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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

T + L: How To Survive Quicksand

Above, Frankenstein's Monster (Glenn Strange) and Dr. Niemann (Boris
Karloff) could have used a few tips from the
Travel + Leisure article.

There's been a lot of movies over the years that featured quicksand. In those movies, unless someone pulls out the victim, he/she is a goner.

But that's really a myth as an article by Travel + Leisure points out. The article also tells out to get out of quicksand.

They begin with:
Quicksand seems like a rare hazard found only in the jungle based off the movies, but it’s more common than one might think. The liquefied soil can also be spotted on riverbanks, coastlines and marshes. And while you really will start to sink if you’re entrapped in the substance, don’t worry — you can, and probably will, survive.
Interesting article! Dr. Gustav Niemann and Frankenstein's Monster could have used the tips provided in the article as they ended up in quicksand at the end of House of Frankenstein.

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