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Friday, May 19, 2017

The Looney Left Report: MSM Loons Trying To Destroy Trump


The left-wing lunatics who populate the newsrooms of the nation's media and newspapers have given up any pretense of impartiality or non-bias when it comes to President Donald Trump. In fact, they are opening trying to overthrow him.

The Washington Times reported:
Now anything goes. All restraints are loosened, all self-discipline trashed. There’s no cure or even treatment for Trump Derangement Syndrome, a disease as wild and as swiftly lethal as anything imported from the Ebola River valley of the dark continent. The rules and taboos that once guided even the sleaziest excuse for a newspaper no longer apply. 
Destroying Donald Trump is all that matters in the newsrooms of the mainstream media, so called, and by any means necessary. Rarely have so many hysterics contributed so much of the national conversation.

The loons of the left had better watch their backs. If, by a fluke of chance, they are successful in a coup, a good percentage of the 62 million Trump voters will be out for their blood (do you really think they'd sit idly by and let it happen?).

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