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Friday, June 2, 2017

A Little Book Run

Above, inside Barnes & Noble in Calabasas. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

This evening, I was tasked by my former roommate, Jessica, who is currently hospitalized, to pick up a book for her.

She wanted to read James Patterson's Crazy House. The "problem" was, there are no bookstores that I could think of nearby. B. Dalton Booksellers and Border's Books are no more. I have been buying books through Amazon.com lately. So I checked online and found that there's a Barnes & Noble still open in Calabasas at The Commons shopping center, eight miles away.

I called and asked them to hold a copy for me. I was going to go there tomorrow morning, but decided to go there this evening. So I went.

When I got to Barnes & Noble, I went looking for Paul Kengor's A Pope and A President, about the collaboration between Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan that brought down the Iron Curtain, for myself. It was located in the World History section.

Once I got a copy, I headed to the cashier where the Crazy House book was being held for me. Sure enough, they got it right away and I was soon on the way to the hospital to give Jes her book.

It is nice to see a bookstore with new books is still around in the San Fernando Valley. It looks like I'll be going there more often.

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