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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Best Way To Get To Yokohama From Tokyo

Above, Yokohama Harbor and Cosmo World. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Yokohama, Japan is a next-door neighbor to Tokyo. Getting there is, as a City-Cost article states, a breeze. Yet, a lot of people don't know which is the best way to get there. There are numerous commuter trains that will take visitors to Yokohama from Tokyo. The article reviews the different ways of getting there.

They begin with:
Depending on who you ask, Yokohama is either the second largest city in Japan or the third (after Osaka).  Anyway, as the age old innuendo goes, 'size doesn't always matter'.  In the case of Yokohama it really doesn't, which is good because in this regard it pales in comparison to Tokyo, only a stone's throw to the north.  No, Yokohama more than holds its own against any city in Japan.  For the expat this maritime metropolis might hold special appeal as Yokohama is about as cosmopolitan a place as one can find in Japan.  Coming to Yokohama can make you feel a little closer to home with its links to sea faring routes, Japan's largest Chinatown, countless 'gaijin' pubs, old Western-style buildings, and constant reminders to past traders, diplomats, missionaries, and adventurers who passed through town. (In fact, some of them didn't leave.)  Getting to Yokohama from Tokyo is a breeze (like the ocean ones that invigorate the city), connected as it is to the capital by numerous train lines.  If there is quandary to be had, it might be choosing the best, the quickest or cheapest.  We take a look here at these Tokyo to Yokohama trains and compare how much they cost and how they take.
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