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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

California Cigar Tax Going Up July 1

Above, yours truly enjoying an Oliva cigar in Honolulu. 

Thanks to the moronic California voters, the tax on cigars is shooting skyward on July 1.

Thanks to the passage of Proposition 56, the tax on cigars will go up a whopping 153%. Presently, the tax on cigars is 27.3% of the wholesale cost. The passage of Proposition 56 will lead to a new tax that will be at 69.2 % of the wholesale cost.

Wasn't this nice of the California voter? They decided to pick on the poor cigarette and cigar smoker by voting in new taxes on both. Cigarette smokers have to pay an additional $2.00/pack tax. That went into effect in April. Wasn't it nice of the voters to pass this proposition so that the tax money can go to illegal aliens and other liberal causes?

California is a one-party state run by socialists and supported by stupid liberal voters. The "Golden State" is no more.

Small wonder that so many people want to get the hell out of California.

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