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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Free Speech and "Elderly"

Above, another reason to despise the United Nations.

A German woman was fined for liking a post on Facebook that was anti-immigrant.

It appears that Germans don't have free speech rights, even on Facebook.

Heatstreet wrote:
An elderly German woman was fined 1,350 euros for sharing and liking an anti-migrant joke on Facebook. 
The 62-year old woman, who lives in Berlin, has been identified as Jutta B. She had her home raided and was arrested by police for the ‘crime’ of sharing an image on Facebook captioned “Do you have anything against refugees?” 
The image, which was deemed offensive by the court, included answers such as “Yes, machine guns and hand grenades” and was shared by more than 500 people. One person who also shared the picture reported the elderly woman to the police.
Wouldn't our liberals love to be able to have Facebook posts they don't like have people prosecuted and fined? Thank goodness we have free speech protections.

But there's one thing that is, uh, offensive about the article. Note that the German woman is referred to as "elderly". She's only 62 years old! That's elderly?!

My "honorary sister" sent me the article and I made mention that the woman was our age. She noticed that as well and is "duly offended".

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