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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Giving Some Exercise To The Generator and A/C

Above, The Beast at the Beaver (Utah) KOA in 2015. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

A little while ago, I finished exercising the RV generator and running the air conditioner. I try to do it every month so that the generator and a/c are in good running shape.

There's one thing that would put a damper on a vacation in a desert or other places with high temperatures, that's having a generator or a "house" a/c that doesn't work. They should be run on a monthly basis.

All worked just fine during today's exercise.

The next planned big trip is to Idaho in August to experience the solar eclipse that will take place on August 21.

En route to Idaho, I am looking to a leisurely drive (no rush) through Nevada (with a likely overnight stop either in Las Vegas or Mesquite) and Utah (with a likely stop in Cedar City or Beaver).

I still haven't yet decided where I am going to go in the days after the eclipse. I could go west to visit Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, since I haven't been there since 1971 and from there to Lassen Volcanic National Park, since I haven't been there since 1968. Or, just head back down south into Utah to Bryce Canyon National Park or see a couple of national parks I haven't been to, such as Arches and Canyonlands.

One other possibility is to go into eastern Nevada to see Great Basin National Park since it is a prime spot for stargazing as there are no cities with light pollution for miles. I may purchase a new reflector telescope before heading out. I have an old refractor telescope, but it's not that powerful. We'll see.

Another idea is to wander around the northern areas of California's Gold Rush country (the land of E Clampus Vitus) after visiting Lassen Volcanic National Park. I have been around the southern areas of the Mother Lode (along Highway 49), but not the northern areas.

Since the eclipse will pass directly over Grand Teton National Park, I will avoid it and Yellowstone as there surely will be a lot of people at both parks and getting a campsite at either would be difficult.

Since I won't be in any kind of hurry on that trip, I may just make it a two-week trek. 

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