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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Jury Duty Completed

Well, I am done with jury duty for at least a year.

I was on a jury panel at the end of the day on a case that hit a little too close to home. I used the opportunity to truthfully say that I would probably be biased against the defendant and was thanked and excused.

So, under the rules of jury service, if I am not on a jury or a panel at the end of the day, then I have completed my service. This is even if I served only one day. I managed to get excused from a jury panel with about fifteen minutes to spare before closing.

For me, this was a fast day. During our hour and a half lunch break, I hung out with Dawn.

This was the first time I stepped foot at the Van Nuys courthouses since filing suit in Small Claims Court (that was eventually adjudicated on Hot Bench last year) and when I scored a victory last year on another case in Small Claims.

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