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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jury Duty Tomorrow

Up to now, I have been pretty lucky not have to report in for jury duty. But I did have to check my juror portal online to get my reporting instructions, if any.

Well, I checked the portal this evening and I have report in tomorrow morning. Lucky me.

Above, Van Nuys East Courthouse.
Unfortunately, they don't pay for the first day one actually has to report in. Payment kicks in from the second day (if there is one) and each subsequent day thereafter.

So, I get to cool my heels tomorrow at the Van Nuys Courthouse. I'll have to remember to bring a book along. I've had some interesting (and occasionally funny) times while on jury duty. This will be the first in the San Fernando Valley for me. As I recall, I've served on jury duty at the downtown L.A., Torrance and Compton courts. My late mom used to enjoy serving on jury duty.

Since I did my jury duty orientation online over the weekend, I won't have to go through it tomorrow and that saves me two hours,

Here come da judge!

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