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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Men's Lace Short Sets

If you thought leisure suits, bell-bottom slacks and very wide suit lapels of 1970s fashions for men were horrid, you ain't seen nothing yet!

The latest in gawd-awful "men's fashions" are the new lace short sets.

Heatstreet wrote:
On social media, the reaction was predictably scornful. 
“You guys look like you’re about to have a butter knife fight in the back alley with a gang of seamstresses,” one Instagram user posted. 
“My man better only wear lace shorts for me,” one person quipped on Twitter. 
“Next week probably gone be like move over lace shorts we’ve got a whole new line of dresses FOR MEN. F*ck outta here dawg,” another Twitter user wrote. 
“If your man wears these it is time to trade her in for a real man,” another Tweet said. 
But if you don’t like your men in pastel lace daywear, you’re actually incredibly problematic, others have suggested.

Or, "intolerant"! Well, since I am on side that finds these horrible and that no self-respecting man would be caught dead in these get-ups, then I guess I am intolerant.

To read more, go here. (You may want to bleach your eyes afterwards.)

Some friends's reactions:

  • Kind of hard to hide my rod and extra magazines in that outfit. Guess I'd have to carry them in a woman's handbag. If you have to wear matching heels, I'm out.
  • Those shirts would be ugly on anybody female or male!
  • I don't like that look..... on anyone.
  • Whoever comes up with this crap should be shot.
  • ... and don't forget flared pants
  • Well, if they only had black...
  • I wouldn't design these for women; well, maybe the toddler range. 
  • This is definitely not something I could pull off... I don't think anyone could. Disturbs me !
  • That's how they win the battle. By making you to be in the wrong.
  • Yeah, but lets face it. These people are a part of the voting DNC base.
  • The best thing about opinions is that everyone is entitled to theirs. If you shame someone else for their thoughts, what does that say about your *own* tolerance?
  • Not anything I would want to see on anyone..but I don't have to look..lol

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