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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

National Parks Near Las Vegas A Tourist Draw

Above, Circus Circus RV Park on the Las Vegas Strip. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Las Vegas, sin city itself, is fairly close to several national parks and its tour operators are taking advantage of this.

According to Gaming Today:
The “house” (in this instance we’re talking about Nevada) always has the advantage. That’s rule Number 1 in gambling and in tourism, too. 
One of the usually underemphasized ingredients in the edge Nevada and especially Las Vegas has over all other gambling jurisdictions, and any other tourist destinations for that matter, is its proximity to numerous National Parks. Las Vegas as a gambling mecca remains prominent, but the importance of wagering has diminished in recent years as the casino/resorts rely on hospitality, entertainment, retail and fine dining, supplemented by gambling, as the primary revenue sources. 
Sometimes overlooked in the amalgamation that has caused Southern Nevada to resume its unprecedented growth, the National Parks drive tourism as never before.

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