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Friday, June 2, 2017

Superman Mural Up For Auction

Above, the Superman mural last November. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The giant Superman mural mounted on the outside of the Super Museum in Metropolis, Illinois is up for auction at eBay. It will be auctioned in three sections. The first section to be auctioned is the panel featuring Dean Cain and George Reeves.

According to Morgan Siebert on Facebook:
Our old mural is up on ebay, we started each panel at $1. We are using whatever funds we raise from these auctions to help cover museum renovation from the storm damage from March. There are 3 panels so 3 chances to own a part of Super Museum history. Happy bidding!! This one features Dean Cain and George Reeves.
Above, the mural (left) on the Super Museum wall facing the Superman Statue across the square. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

The mural's eBay page reads:

Up for Auction!
Once in a lifetime chance to own a piece of the Super Museum in Metropolis IL!
This Mural was used on the side of the Super Museum in Metropolis for 10 years!
Countless numbers of people have had their photo taken with this sign!
Chances are you know someone who has a picture of this sign!
We are selling this sign because it has begun to show signs of age and heavy wear, there is some damage on the corners of these panels from removal.
and to help pay for the replacement which we have already bought and hung up in its place.
These signs will be ending on June 7th 2017
The afternoon before the start of annual "Superman Celebration"

It is made out of 3 Panels of Alucobond that is 1/2" Thick 

This first panel is110.4"x60" 
This panel Features Dean Cain and George Reeves! 
The top of the panel has the word STOP
The bottom part of the panel says 
"Rican Hero"
This was the end panel on the right
Panel #3 of #3

We are starting this panel at $1 and just see where it goes!

There is no shipping on these panels.
They are local-pickup only

To bid, go here (4 days left).

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