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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Truck Camper Versus Trailer or MoHo?

Above, my parking space has enough room for the RV and car. Photo by Jessica.

Deciding in your first RV can be easy or it can be excruciatingly difficult. For me, just before I retired, I decided that I wanted to do a lot of traveling once I ceased punching a time clock.

At first, I was interested in a Class B RV. Class Bs are van conversions. They can be simple (from a homemade converted van to a complicated manufactured one). When looking them over, I was leaning toward a manufactured Class B. They are nice inside with all the comforts of home, such as a bed, bathroom and kitchen. And, they would fit in my parking space at home. But not very roomy. I still leaned towards one until I saw the price tags. The ones that I really liked were priced over $100K. That was a bit out of my target price range.

I then decided on a Class C. They're bigger inside and have everything one would want: a comfortable bed, dinette, bathroom and kitchen. I had a micro-mini Class C 25 years ago, so I knew what to expect. I settled on a 23' Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22R. It still fit into my parking space at home (so I needn't bother with storing it somewhere) and still park my car in front of it. Anything bigger would not have worked. Plus, it was within my price target. I am very pleased with my choice.

Each person's needs and wants may differ, including how they planned to use it. One couple decided on a truck camper and RV Life has an article on how they decided on getting a truck camper instead of a 5th wheel trailer.

It begins with:
RV builders make it tough to pick your first rig. When an outdoorsy couple from Northern California wanted to make the leap from a simple A-frame pop-up tent to a “real” RV, the choices seemed endless. Trying to choose between a truck camper versus trailer or motorhome was agonizing, but here’s why Ari and Kim Shapiro finally committed to a brand new 2017 Arctic Fox 990 truck camper.
To read more, go here.

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