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Monday, July 10, 2017

A G-FEST XXIV and G-Fans Helping G-Fans UPDATE…

The committee members of G-FEST have decided to do something special for our beloved suit actor Haruo Nakajima.

A Best wishes poster will be placed in Artist Alley for all the conventioneers to sign.

And….. Stephen Schilling, who will have an table in Artist Alley, is spearheading a free lance poster montage done by several other of the artiest in attendance. I hope to have the theme of the poster to represent Mr. Nakajima's film work. This poster will be then donated to the G-Fans helping G-Fans to be auctioned off.

So everyone… please visit Artist Alley and do something special and sign the best wishes poster.

And .......I want to thank Armand Vaquer for permission to use his photographs of Mr Nakajima from G-Fest XV to create this poster.


G-FEST will be held this coming weekend (July 14-16) at the Crown Plaza O'Hare Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois (outside of Chicago). For more information, go here.

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