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Monday, July 31, 2017

Campground Etiquette

Above, The Beast at Blackstone North RV Park in Fresno, California. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

During my years of camping, tent and RV, I have experienced very little annoyances from the neighbors. Last year, a camper at a site a couple of hundred yards away started yelling in the middle of the night at someone. This lasted until the RV park's security people ejected the offending camper.

Outside of that, and people walking through my campsite, people have been generally good-mannered.

But, there are some knuckleheads out there and Do It Yourself RV has an article on campground etiquette.

They begin with:
I recently spent a weekend in a crowded campground where my neighbors obviously new nothing about campground etiquette. 
They stayed up late into the night yelling and hollering around the campfire, parked their second vehicle practically in our site, and let their dog do its business in our yard. It got me thinking, what does it take to be a good campground neighbor, and is it really that hard?

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