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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Camping For The Eclipse?

Above, camping or not, don't forget your eye protection!

Next month's eclipse event is likely to bring a lot of people out of the woodwork to camp out in an area where the totality's path will cross.

Unfortunately, many probably haven't set up a tent since college or, even worse, since their Boy Scout days.

But, there's some help for you city-slickers!

WFMY News has some good tips for those of you who are in need of some refresher tips before you head out.

They begin with:
Are you planning to camp during the total solar eclipse on August 21? That's great! You are in for a memorable experience. On that Monday, you’ll get to see the moon fully cover the sun, darkening the sky and making stars visible during the day. Campers headed away from city centers will have some of the best views, with less pollution clouding the rare celestial phenomenon.

But camping can be tricky. If you’re not prepared, you could be struggling to set up a tent, find your campsite or making a dash for more provisions when you should be laying on a blanket, watching a once-in-a-lifetime show.  

So, to read more and prevent having a disaster fall on you like a ton of bricks, go here.

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