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Monday, July 3, 2017

Despite Predictions, Gas Prices Are Lower This Year

Above, a Missouri gas station price sign last year. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Being in California, where gasoline prices are the highest or closest to the highest in the country, I was shocked (but pleasantly so) when I saw gasoline prices under $2.00 per gallon when I went across the country to Metropolis, Illinois last year.

It appears that gasoline prices will be even lower this year, despite the predictions otherwise. One of the predictions of higher gas prices came from RV Life, but they have owned up to their error (happily, I might add).

It generally takes over $120 to fill up my RV gas tank (55 gallons) in California. It averaged around $70-80 on my Metropolis trip to fill up.

RV Life wrote:
In spring, RV Life reported that the gas pump party was over based on the latest U.S. Energy Information Administration gas price forecasts. The experts predicted that U.S. regular gasoline retail prices would climb to about $2.46/gallon (gal) this summer. But today you wouldn’t know that petroleum experts made this prediction. Unless you haven’t filled up your tank lately, you know their guesses were totally wrong. 
Current gas prices are the lowest in twelve years according to CNN Money. Every day since June 2, gas prices have dropped a few cents a day, according to the experts at the American Automobile Association (AAA). CNN reported that for the first time this century, prices at the pump could be cheaper over the July 4 holiday weekend than during the previous Christmas and New Year.

Lower gasoline prices mean that more people will take road trips at less cost.

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