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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Flag Pole Buddy Has Arrived

The other day, I took a little drive up to Camping World in Valencia to pick up a Flag Pole Buddy flagpole kit for The Beast. As might have be expected, since it was Fourth of July, they were sold out. They offered to put it on rain check, but I elected to order from them online. I did so as soon as I got home. After all, it was on sale.

Well, it arrived today via United Parcel Service (only two days since ordering). After going through the package to make sure all the parts were in it, I took it out to the RV where I will put the mounting hardware onto the roof ladder, provided it isn't too blazing hot outside.

When fully deployed, the flagpole will extend 22' in length. I'll use it for the Gadsden flag I got from The Heritage Foundation. The kit came with a U.S. flag.

Here is the package after I put everything back inside:

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