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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

George Foreman Indoor Ceramic Grill

It is not too often when my expectations on an appliance, particularly a cooking one, are exceeded. But that is the case with the George Foreman Indoor Ceramic Grill.

I picked it up yesterday at Target for $40 to replace the old grill that croaked. It is the 5-serving model and we tried it out for the first time today. We cooked three steaks on it for three minutes and they came out perfect!

The features on the grill:
• Enjoy grilled food in the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen
• Non-stick, angled & removable grilling plates mean quicker, hassle-free cleanup & healthier eating
• Floating hinge lets you evenly cook thicker foods
• 2 indicator lights let you know when it's powered up ready to go
• Multi-layered ceramic trays are more durable than ever before
• Includes: grill, drip tray, cleaning tool & removable plates
The next food we will cook with it will be chicken breasts. I am almost tempted to get one for the RV, but I generally barbecue when I am out camping.

My grade: A+.

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