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Friday, July 14, 2017

Seniors Buying $10 Park Pass Before Price Hits $80

Above, the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Photo by Armand Vaquer.

Ever since the announcement that the national park Senior Pass will be going from $10 to $80 (but nobody knew when) in price, the influx of purchasers grew.

This week, after the date the $80 increase goes into effect (August 28) was announced, the influx of seniors purchasing the Senior Pass at the $10 price skyrocketed.

According to the Record Searchlight:
Seniors are lining up to buy their lifetime national park passes before the price rises from $10 to a whopping $80 next month. 
The National Park Service announced Monday that the price of the pass that lets seniors into national parks and federal recreational lands for the rest of their lives is going up Aug. 28. 
Not wanting to miss out on a good deal, a steady stream of seniors 62 and older have been going to the Visitors Center at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area to get their plastic card. 
Eager buyers were lined up outside the visitors center as early as 10 a.m. Thursday waiting for the doors to open. 
"It's been crazy. The line was from here to the bench," front desk volunteer Lou Zavas said, pointing to a bench about 30 feet away from the front doors.
Even at $80, the Senior Pass is still a bargain when one considers that if they visit three national parks who charge $30 per carload, the pass more than paid for itself.

To read more and to go to the link to purchase a senior pass at the online price of $20, go here

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