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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Eclipse Bringing Price Gougers Out of the Woodwork

Thank goodness I made my campsite reservations with a reputable campground company, for the solar eclipse next month is bringing out the price gougers out of the woodwork.

Mashable.com reported:
The total solar eclipse in August will only darken skies above parts of the U.S. in its line of totality for barely 3 minutes, but for that brief time, people are shelling out big money for hotels, campsites, cruise ships, and more.

On Aug. 21, the first total solar eclipse will cross over the entire continental U.S. since 1918. This is a big deal for astronomers, scientists, and everyone else eager to see the moon pass across the sun.  
Hotels, home rental sites like Airbnb and Craigslist, and tourism boards in places geographically lucky to fall along the eclipse's path are capitalizing on the rare solar event that's attracting visitors from all over.  
Craigslist and Airbnb listings are out of control for the solar eclipse, stuffed with overpriced student apartments and backyard spaces.  
Even Oregon's state parks are going for ridiculous prices with many camp sites completely booked. The state parks foundation auctioned off 30 additional campsites that went went for $60,000. That's more than $300 per person if every campsite has six people. A typical campsite any other time of the year is $20 a night. 
In the Corvallis and Bend areas in Oregon, camp sites and RV stays in backyards and open spaces are going for $100 to pitch a tent for the night and $200 for an RV site. 
Another Oregon campsite is even pricier with $200 nightly rates to pitch a tent and $250 for an RV site. A private Oregon ranch, meanwhile, is charging $1,500 to bring an RV to the property.

If people want to take their RVs to the areas of totality, it would probably be best to boondock somewhere instead of paying such ridiculous prices.

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